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My latest obsession…

Anyone play Utapri shining live? It’s a rhythm game and it’s extremely addictive. It’s currently the only thing that can cheer me up from my post game depression after finishing Ray/Saeran’s route (mystic messenger) :'< man, I need some Ray/Saeran merch.

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    I was browsing the top 100 and decided to read the funny names people set on purpose. Like the top 2 coordinate with each other on Discord n stuff to make one long name. and omg it’s Tokiya’s event so someone put “Itchy Nose” x’D.

    Nice Utapri collection. :3 I have some stuff too, my favorites being Syo and Masato, but I love pretty much everyone <3. Because of SL, I finally bought my grail- the Gift plush of Syo wearing his Maji Love 1000% costume. Found the matching Tokiya for cheap so I got him recently too lol. They don't often go together, but they were both in Class S at the academy! x'D


    • Hello! Yup! That’s me hahahaha ^^” I really need this UR maxed out so I’m hoping I can keep my place in the top 1%! So does that mean you play too?! 😀 There was a new GIFT line for them recently… preorders just ended last month. I managed to secure 2x of the Ai 😀 I need 2 because I want to keep one unopened ^^”. Syo is really cute too! 😀 I love how his colour is pink xD.

      Have you noticed there’s been an otome explosion recently btw? I’ve got so many preordered and so many sitting there waiting to be played (incl Code Realize FD)! Then there’s Cheritz’s new game which I’m REALLY excited about – The Ssum! Are you following it too?! I’m really hoping I’ll like the main guy though, because you don’t get to choose this time :<

      Anyway, it's lovely to hear from you again! I wish I have the momentum and time to keep this blog going hahah ^^" but sometimes I just feel too lazy >.>


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