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17″ Ariel Limited Edition Disney Doll Release 2019

So!!!  The time has come again!  For the stress of purchasing the 17″ limited edition Disney dolls online!!!  Last time was with Briar Rose/Aurora back in March.  My order went through that time stress-free.  I wish the same could be said about Ariel’s release this time round -_____-

So for some reason, Disney decided NOT to release the 17″ Ariel doll (and her counterparts Vanessa and Platinum Eric and Ariel Wedding edition) at 12am PST 16th November as previously “announced”.  I say “announced” because it was never actually confirmed but was a logical assumption since this had “generally” always been the case for all the previous releases (“generally” because Disney has become pretty slack in recent years and sometimes the store site would only update 1-2 hours later).  12am PST is 9pm NZT here in New Zealand.  Easy peasy (was checking my phone the whole time while putting the kids to sleep though hahahaha x’D).  Or so I thought.

Unfortunately for me, Ariel was not released online until 4am NZT!!!!  And no – I did NOT stay up until then lmao.  I would’ve in the past.  But I’m getting old, and expecting… so I did the adult thing and went to bed earlier.  I set my alarm for 3am (it was rumoured in the FB groups I was in that the alternative release time was 7am PST), woke up to check aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing.  No links.  Disappointed and disorientated I went back to sleep.  I’ve just now realised as I’m typing this that I’ve mixed up my PST to NZT time conversion and I should’ve set it to 4am NZT DERP.  Anyway!  I woke myself up at 5am (the thirst for my favourite princess was too strong) and lo and behold the links are up!!!!!  OMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!

My heart threatened to leap out of my chest as I tried to put my order through.  I’ve read on the comments that Vanessa and the Wedding Platinum edition have both sold out.  Ariel – please, pleeeeeeeeease don’t be sold out!!!  I’d been 1 hour late to the party.  Lucky for me, she wasn’t and I was able to add her to my cart uneventfully.

However, my credit card kept getting declined and I couldn’t check out!!!  I tried 3 different cards and none of them worked!!! 😥 Disney store only accepted payment through Paypal US accounts so that was a no go for me either.  This same issue happened with the Winter Belle release in 2016.  I was dismaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed.  For Belle, I had to try multiple times (and racked up multiple pending charges on my cc -____-) before my order went through.

So I tried a couple more times on my PC.  No bueno.  Sigh.  She’s totally going to sell out soon!!!!  Arrrgghhhhh!!!!  I decided to try checking out through my phone with mobile data for a change.  That seemed to magically do the trick and at long LAST my Ariel order went through!!!!  I received my order confirmation email instantly.  YUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!  I’m over the mooooooon.  And now I can go back to bed!!!!

This was by far the most stressful and frustrating online shopping experience I’ve had with these limited Disney dolls so far.  I dearly hope this won’t be the new norm, otherwise I may have to consider retiring from this hobby.

Anyway – some sneak peak pics of these heartbreak dolls:

I have the original highly coveted 17″ Ariel from 2013 and I think I prefer the overall outfit, presentation and box on that one more, but I like the face on this one better and she’s a lot more movie accurate.

I’m sooooooooooo excited!! Definitely expect photos when I receive her ^o^ Now it’s back to bed for me ^^”

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