Disney Doll Collection

17″ The Little Mermaid Ariel 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Doll

So yesterday NZ post FINALLY released my 30th Anniversary 17″ Ariel doll from customs.  It literally sat there for 2 weeks.  I had to keep harassing them through email and phone until they agreed to launch an investigation, which sped things up significantly.  I’ve never had that happen with my YouShop packages and I’m pretty sure the new GST rules for international packages is to blame for the annoying delay.

I was actually fully expecting to have to pay the 15% GST fee since it arrived in NZ AFTER 1st December, but I got super lucky and dodged that bullet  (I shipped Ariel from YouShop US on the 30th November – literally ONE DAY before the new GST rules applied).  I buy a lot from Amazon and Ebay though… so this new GST thing is such a pain.

Anyway – frustrations aside!  Ariel’s here!!!  I still can’t get over how amazing she is!  I absolutely love everything about her – from her cascading crimson locks and shimmering gold makeup to her bold sparkly tail.  I have the 2013 heirloom Ariel doll as well, and as much as I adore her (she was my first 17″ limited disney doll so she’ll always have a special place in my heart), I prefer the face mould and wistful face-up on the 2019 Ariel.  I also like her outfit better – not only is it more movie accurate, it’s fun, adventurous and bright; just like Ariel!  And to top everything off, she comes in such a beautifully iridescent box synonymous with mother of pearl.  Honestly, I’m such a proud owner – my only regret is I didn’t purchase two of her :'(.

Also, a lot of collectors have been raving about the pearl straps version exclusive to Japan, but I actually prefer my beaded version.  Plastic pearls lack the lustrous iridescent sheen of mother of pearl, whereas the glass beads on Ariel are delicately sparkly in real life and they complement her sequined tail perfectly.


Unfortunately, one side of the golden chain on my Ariel’s necklace has broken off (ಥ﹏ಥ).  Apparently, this is a fairly common issue.  I think I may be able to fix it with some jewellery pliers but I didn’t want to meddle lest I worsened it (I’m famous for that…).  It’s not that obvious anyway ^^”

All in all, I LOVE my Ariel doll.  She may have just become my favourite 17″ limited disney doll (。♥‿♥。)

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