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Sanrio Panda Mokomoko Costume Plushies

Finally the rest of my Panda Mokomoko costume Sanrio plushies have arrived from Toreba! And they are unbelievably cute! I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time I took these pics!

From this Panda Mokomoko series, I have 1x big Melody, 1x big Cinnamoroll, 1x big Kuromi (who I’ll be selling), 2x small Melody, 1x small Cinnamoroll and 1x small Hello Kitty (who I’ll probably sell if I can get a good price for her).

These guys are easily my favourite Sanrio amusement plushies from this year, especially the little ones which sold out on Toreba within days! It really doesn’t come much of a surprise considering how lackluster most of the plushies on Toreba have been in recent months.

My only complaint with these fluffballs is how much dirt and debris their fluffy costume material catches! I imagine it would be a nightmare to dust as well, which kind of forces me to keep them in their bag prisons. I wish they’d chosen another fluffy material, like the type they used in the easter bunny Cinnamoroll.

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