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My Little Pony: Fluttershy #2

My second Fluttershy pony plushie is complete 🙂 I had commissioned this one about 3 weeks ago, before I saw the adorable one on Ebay. Navkaze, the talented german artist who commissioned her for me, has been very flexible and always tried her best to fulfill my expectations. […]

My Little Pony: Braeburn #1

Okay, a quick update on my pony collection 😀 Just got some pre-shipment pics of my Braeburn commission! He’s made by the same talented artist – Finnickie – who made my cute giggly Pinkie Pie – so these two cuties will be shipped together and should arrive next […]

My Little Pony: Flutter Shy Plushie!

So I’ve already been watching this 15″ tall Flutter Shy plushie auction on Ebay for a while before deciding to place an early bid – in the hope that it would discourage any potential bidders from bidding. Also, currently there are 4-5 other fantastic pony plushie auctions by […]

League of Legends: PORO!

Poro has finally arrived! Poro is a cute tiny furball who is indigenous to Howling Abyss from League of Legends. Here is a picture of him/her in-game! And here is my Poro plushie! Poro is hand sewn with tender loving care and stands approximately 5″ tall and 6″ […]


Yay! This is the Pinkie Pie that I had previously commissioned from the talented Finnickie (before I bought the one from PulsefireKitten). I wanted this Pinkie’s hair to be slightly poofier/bigger. I am so happy and I love both artists’ style, thus I will be keeping both Pinkies […]