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Welcome to my playground, my refuge!

I'm a GP, a gamer and a collector. This blog started out as a shrine for Rilakkuma, but has since evolved to reflect my current passions. I suppose you could call this my online diary.

I post most regularly on my Flickr:

I used to plush and you can see my work here:

My collection so far…

Okay this is a quick photo update of my Rilakkuma collection so far. I still have a couple more plushies coming – including my purple and red pom pom pouch Rilakkumas, my Monogram set, my Maracas Rainbow Kiiroitori, my Hamburger set, my furry Korilakkuma and my sweets Korilakkuma.

Pom Pom Army

True to being a collector – I have decided to add 2 more Pom Pom Pouch Rilakkuma to my collection (I totally fell in love with my Pink one).  Ideally I would like to own all the colours, but that would be quite pricey so I’ve decided to […]

Hamburger Rilakkuma Plush Set

I have seen pictures of the actual plush floating around – including those of Kori and Kiiro, so I am not sure why they have still not been ‘released’ on the San-X netshop… are they store only?  But why is Rilakkuma available on the netshop? There are already […]

Got my Hamburger Rila!

I’ve got my Hamburger Rilakkuma!  Yey! But for some funny reason, the Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are not available on the San-x netshop yet!  I don’t know why that is… are they releasing them at different times? Anyway – as expected, Hamburger Rilakkuma has already sold out within […]

Today is the day! ^-^

Today is the day!  ^-^ But New Zealand is ahead of everyone else so not quite yet… and also Yumi said 10am of today which is equivalent to 2pm in New Zealand!  Soooo very excited! I was on my long day yesterday (14 hour shift) and it was […]

2 more days! ^-^

2 more days!  ^-^  Yey! Also, Yumi informed me this morning that my Maracas Kiiro has arrived safely with her and she told me ‘he looks just soooo special ^0^’.  He IS VERY special – one of my most expensive plushies! Anyway, I hope my MASSIVE parcel of […]

Happy Picnic is out!

The Happy Picnic set was released today!  They are now available for purchase on the San-X netshop. Here is a picture of the actual plushies – Wow!  I have to admit they look pretty adorable.  Seeing as they are seasonal and not limited, I will be patient and have […]