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Welcome to my playground, my refuge!

I'm a GP, a gamer and a collector. This blog started out as a shrine for Rilakkuma, but has since evolved to reflect my current passions. I suppose you could call this my online diary.

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I used to plush and you can see my work here:

Hamburger Rilakkuma Plush Set

I have seen pictures of the actual plush floating around – including those of Kori and Kiiro, so I am not sure why they have still not been ‘released’ on the San-X netshop… are they store only?  But why is Rilakkuma available on the netshop? There are already […]

Got my Hamburger Rila!

I’ve got my Hamburger Rilakkuma!  Yey! But for some funny reason, the Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are not available on the San-x netshop yet!  I don’t know why that is… are they releasing them at different times? Anyway – as expected, Hamburger Rilakkuma has already sold out within […]

Today is the day! ^-^

Today is the day!  ^-^ But New Zealand is ahead of everyone else so not quite yet… and also Yumi said 10am of today which is equivalent to 2pm in New Zealand!  Soooo very excited! I was on my long day yesterday (14 hour shift) and it was […]

2 more days! ^-^

2 more days!  ^-^  Yey! Also, Yumi informed me this morning that my Maracas Kiiro has arrived safely with her and she told me ‘he looks just soooo special ^0^’.  He IS VERY special – one of my most expensive plushies! Anyway, I hope my MASSIVE parcel of […]

Happy Picnic is out!

The Happy Picnic set was released today!  They are now available for purchase on the San-X netshop. Here is a picture of the actual plushies – Wow!  I have to admit they look pretty adorable.  Seeing as they are seasonal and not limited, I will be patient and have […]

3 more days! ^-^

3 more days!  ^-^ Today’s Antenatal clinic was fully staffed but still pretty busy.  My Wednesday evenings are occupied by Winners and Losers followed by Harry’s Law so I haven’t had much time to engage in my daily ritual of Rilakkuma hunting today. I’ve been thinking very long […]

4 more days! ^-^

4 more days until release of Hamburger set Rilakkuma!! Ahem, anyway – today two of my colleagues called in sick so I had to crosscover in gynae clinic and it was so damn busy!  It was just me, the consultant, the trainee intern and medical students!  And we […]