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I'm a medical doctor residing in New Zealand. I love sewing plushies and playing computer/video games. I am also an avid collector of Monster High, Disney Designer and Ball-jointed dolls.

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My collection so far…

I am still awaiting for several plushies to arrive – including the 2012 Dragon year edition, furry Korilakkuma, Candy Korilakkuma, Halloween Ghost edition, Monogram edition, Strawberry edition and Squirrel forest edition!  Here are the pics I ogle at whilst I (im)patiently await…

First post…

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog dedicated to my love and passion that is Rilakkuma ^-^ I first discovered Rilakkuma from a Taiwanese drama called ‘Office Girls’ otherwise known as ‘小資女孩向前衝’ a few months ago.  The leading couple each owned a Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma which they used […]