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Quick blog update

Just wanted to do a quick blog update/clean-up. I’ve decided to categorize my posts so that you guys can navigate to posts that you are interested in, rather than forcing you to plough through pages and pages of posts of no interest to you.  You can find the […]

Life is too good!

The cutest babies arrived from Singapore this morning!  They both brought a huuuuuuge smile to my face *U*  I can’t believe how cute they are!  Anyway, enough blabbering from me.  Let these pictures speak for themselves! Joe also melted with a smile on his face (haha, hope he […]

Birthday Card from Louis Vuitton

I received a lovely birthday card from Louis Vuitton today ^-^ They even sent it fast post for me hahahaha!  I am worth being fast posted to!  I feel so special!  (though they are a week late… so they really didn’t need to fast post) Damn – now […]

I ♥ Monogram!

I ♥ Monogram! As promised!  Group photo of my Monogram Rilakkuma Set with some of my Louis Vuitton Monogram Bags! I know I wasn’t very creative with my photo-taking.  I’ve had an eventful day and unfortunately the little creativity that I have left (after 6 years of med school […]

Meebo messages

Hello guys, I don’t mean to nag but can I please please please remind all of you that use the meebo chatbox to message me to please please please leave your contact details in the message!  These messages will only be viewable by me, so no need to […]