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3 more days! ^-^

3 more days!  ^-^ Today’s Antenatal clinic was fully staffed but still pretty busy.  My Wednesday evenings are occupied by Winners and Losers followed by Harry’s Law so I haven’t had much time to engage in my daily ritual of Rilakkuma hunting today. I’ve been thinking very long […]

4 more days! ^-^

4 more days until release of Hamburger set Rilakkuma!! Ahem, anyway – today two of my colleagues called in sick so I had to crosscover in gynae clinic and it was so damn busy!  It was just me, the consultant, the trainee intern and medical students!  And we […]

5 more days! ^-^

I’ve begun my countdown to the release of the Happy Picnic Limited Edition Hamburger series! 5 more days!  I can’t wait to see photos of the actual plushes!  I’m sure they will be plastered all over the net on the release day.  I will be doing night duty […]

Meebo messages

I’ve been receiving a lot of Meebo messages recently – but unfortunately have not been able to answer them because the poster never left their contact details! If I am online I will answer your questions/messages immediately via the chatbox, if I am not please leave your contact […]

I’m crazy…

Ok – I’m truly crazy right? Today (a Saturday) I took up an extra day shift at Starship Hospital, so I’ve just finished that in the afternoon. I’ve also taken up a night shift tonight – so I will be going off to a 10 hour night shift […]

My Monthly Rilakkuma Budget

Okay – so I’ve lined myself up for several night shifts over the next few weeks to fund my Rilakkuma collection (seeing as my monthly Rilakkuma budget has recently been halved by Joe T-T) which means I can continue enjoying my daily Rilakkuma treasure hunt guilt free!  Furthermore, […]