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I'm a medical doctor residing in New Zealand. I love sewing plushies and playing computer/video games. I am also an avid collector of Monster High, Disney Designer and Ball-jointed dolls.

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Happy Easter!

Rilakkuma and I wish you all a very Happy Easter Weekends! Sorry this is a bit late and it’s already the last day of the long weekends!  I’ve had to work dreadful long days for the past few days so have been pretty busy with that.  The weather […]

What would you do?

Hello everyone! I really don’t understand why some people can’t find something better to do with their lives. I have this guy from Korea who keeps fabricating false information about my Genuine versus Fake Rilakkuma Guide. Then after I warned him by not approving his comments on MY blog, […]

May Marine Rilakkuma

Here are the Marine Rilakkuma plushies which will be released in May I’m not sure if Kiiroitori is available?  I’ll ask my suppliers and find out 🙂 I’m still uncertain about getting these because I’m not really into the whole sailor/marine suit thing… but I have to say […]

Parcel of Kawaiis from Japan! ^-^

Woopie!  ^-^ Guess what arrived today!  My highly anticipated parcel of Kawaiis from Japan!  So I guess this is an unboxing post… but firstly…. Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much recently… I’ve been a bit caught up with various things and have been doing quite a lot […]

Newest! Bathroom Rilakkuma!

Take a look at the newest Rilakkuma design featured on the most recent San-X catalogue!!! OMG!  So cute!  They are in their bathing gear, each holding his/her own little toy!  And Kiiro is wearing a bath towel around his hips!!!!  HAHAHAHA!  Such a funny little bird. I’ll definitely […]

Christmas Korilakkuma is here!

Okay – so this morning I was awoken by the terrifying sound of my cellphone ringing.  Usually I love listening to my cellphone’s ringtone… but this morning I was dreading it!  Because I am on short relief notice… so it means that when some silly doctor decides to […]

New addition to the family

I managed to win this little cutie at a pretty decent price – I’ve wanted this cutie for sooooo long!  I know you might think she looks a little plain but there’s just something about the simplicity of this design that really attracts me 🙂 (plus pink is […]

The Unboxing

Today was an unbelievably super busy day for me – even had to drive around doing a house call on a bedridden patient in between my clinic patients.  I’ve only just got home about an hour ago and by then the beautitful sun had already set so I […]

Birthday Card from Louis Vuitton

I received a lovely birthday card from Louis Vuitton today ^-^ They even sent it fast post for me hahahaha!  I am worth being fast posted to!  I feel so special!  (though they are a week late… so they really didn’t need to fast post) Damn – now […]