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I'm a medical doctor residing in New Zealand. I love sewing plushies and playing computer/video games. I am also an avid collector of Monster High, Disney Designer and Ball-jointed dolls.

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2009 Christmas Korilakkuma

My agent from China has just sent me a photo of my 2009 Christmas Korilakkuma plush – definitely a huge mood booster (and maybe motivation) for me while I plough painfully through the endless pile of readings and assignments for my postgraduate O&G course.  Argh.  Total grossness.  Honestly, […]

It’s out!

It’s out!  Here is a plush pic of it!  So adorable! I got this picture from one of my Facebook friends, Joy.  Mine is in transit from Japan to me! Make sure you get yours quick before it gets sold out!  ^-^

My New Advice System

In view of the huge influx of emails/messages for advice on where to acquire certain Rilakkuma plushes, I’ve set up a new advice system. FEE FOR MY ADVICE: From now on, if you would like me to direct you to where you could obtain certain plushes I will […]

Me when I see piles of emails asking me that same question.

Reader comments

I would like to dedicate this post to all my lovely blog readers ^-^ Yes!  That means YOU!  😛 Again!  Thank you so much for reading my blog! Now getting into all the nitty-gritty stuff – I’ve been receiving a multitude amount of emails lately regarding where I […]

2011 Valentine’s Day Rilakkuma set

This is my latest acquisition – I decided I must get them after I received my surprise birthday gift from Yumi. They were released during Valentine’s Day in 2011 and were store limited plushes – The main problem with this set is there’s no Kiiroitori!  As much as […]

Solar powered bobblehead

My first ever solar powered bobblehead purchase!  I’ve always marvelled at these simple yet ingenius little things displayed in other people’s cars.  Given that there is sunlight, do they just bobble their heads forever?!  So mysterious.  Whoever invented these things is a genuis!  (and freaking rich too!) I […]

Today I turn 25!

Today I turn 25!  Hopefully I am also 1 year wiser!  😛 Anyway – I’ve been very disciplined lately and haven’t bought any new Rilakkuma plushes (but I have bought the whole Sims 3 series on PC and have been spending far too much time on it haha […]

Happy Picnic Rilakkuma from Taiwan

My parents have returned from Taiwan!  Yay! And guess what they brought back for me! Happy Picnic Rilakkuma Set!  ^-^  I initially wasn’t a fan of this when I saw the San-X release pictures but they look so adorable in real life!  The hamburger basket/rilakkuma hamburger/pink handkerchief are […]