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Welcome to my playground, my refuge!

I'm a GP, a gamer and a collector. This blog started out as a shrine for Rilakkuma, but has since evolved to reflect my current passions. I suppose you could call this my online diary.

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I used to plush and you can see my work here:

Chicken Rilakkuma LOL!

HAHAHA!  This new edition cracks me up!  It’s scheduled for release in October and several sellers are taking pre-orders already!  I’m not 100% sure whether I’m a fan of this yet (but again, knowing myself I would probably end up getting them anyway… lol -.-;) Anyway – here […]

Marine Kumas ^^

My cute Marine Kumas are here!!!  Wow!  When I saw them, I was lost for words.  Their costume detail is nothing short of amazing!  Even the tiny golden badges on their caps are so intricate and well done (and so shiny!).  Thus I conclude, Rilakkuma is definitely the […]

Life is too good!

The cutest babies arrived from Singapore this morning!  They both brought a huuuuuuge smile to my face *U*  I can’t believe how cute they are!  Anyway, enough blabbering from me.  Let these pictures speak for themselves! Joe also melted with a smile on his face (haha, hope he […]

Furry Korilakkuma is here at last!

YAY! My furry Korilakkuma is here at LAST! ^-^ She came all the way from Japan.  Here are her unboxing pics! I’ve had to wait 6 months for her because the initial sale fell through.  So I’m so happy this cuddly furry set can be completed at last!  […]

Authenticating Questions

To my dearest blog readers ^-^ Thank you all for reading my blog!  I am so happy that I’ve made so many new friends from all over the world through Rilakkuma and that Rilakkuma is continuing to bring happiness and joy into so many people’s lives!  I am […]